ARDEN BHATTACHARYA, B.A., DIP.C.L., F.C.I.S., F.B.I.M, M.C.I Arb. Barrister & Commissioner for Oaths

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Trust, Integrity, Truth....the Keys to Successful Client Relationships

Every day we work as we go about taking care of family, business, and social responsibilities.  The trust we develop with our clients is the foundation of our relationships. 
At our practice, we help our clients achieve high rates of success by offering premium legal services through our highly select group of associates. We never stop working to continuously strengthen those relationships.  


As Town Clerk with the Lord Leftenant of Berkahire

  • Direct Professional Access
  • All Agency works
  • Business Organisations and Transactions
  • Contracts
  • Common Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law & Infant Settlements
  • Education
  • Housing-Landlord & Tenants
  • Immigration
  •  Labour and Employment Law
  • Litigation in all Courts and Tribunals
  • Local Government -in all matters of law, administration and proceedings  
  • Medical Negligence
  • Ombudsman Complaints and Proceedings
  • Personal And Professional Injuries  
  • Road Traffic Accidents and Proceedings
  • Town Planning and Highways
  • Social Services

Under Direct Professional Access Prospective Clients can seek initial consultation/advice which may save future/further expenses.  

Advice and assistance are also given in Planning, Building Regulations and Highways matters including conducting Planning Appeals in appropriate cases.

Mediation can save a lot of expenses and can resolve disputes informally and amicably without recourse to litigation and Court Proceedings. The Chamber has Bar Council's approved and  Accredited Mediator with considerable experience who can assist. 

The Chamber can particularly assist Ethnic Minority Clients with Asian backgrounds and can assist clients with various languages i.e. Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Panjabi in all proceedings and consultations. 


Slough Barristers Chamber * 11 St. Bernards Road * Slough * Berkshire * SL3 7NT * Phone: (01753) 553806 / (01753) 817989 / (01795) 429500 * Fax: (01753) 553806 / (01795) 429500 * Mobile 07719 114038.

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